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Get rid of eczema




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Hair Loss Expert




With the Team Of Experts

We will help you get rid of seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and neurodermatitis
Just a few steps to clear skin

Free consultation

Learn in 30 minutes the entire strategy for the elimination of dermatitis

Learn how to quickly reduce itching, flaking and redness


Understand what is your root cause


Find out what the program is


Get a clear step-by-step plan


Understand your uniqueness


Get answers to questions

How does it go:

  1. Before the Consultation, you answer questions

  2. We agree on the day and time of the consultation

  3. At the appointed time, we conduct a consultation via video or audio communication (whatsapp, viber, zoom, skype, telegram)

Checklist for free


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You will learn :

🔴 What causes redness, itching and flaking?

🔥 What foods increase skin inflammation?

What should you eliminate immediately?

100% Guarantee

Everybody receives skin improvements with the help of the course

This is for you, if

You ashamed to communicate with people


You tired of glossing over the symptoms

You tired of itching and redness


You want clean skin

You want to know how to cure


You want to go outside calmly


  1. The course lasts 3 months;
  2. The course is on a special, very convenient, platform (application or in a browser);
  3. The course is based on detailed video lectures, files, and homework;
  4. The information is divided into blocks, each block is opened at the right time;
  5. You study the information and immediately implement it;
  6. You fill out the Food Diary and Photo Report every day;
  7. You will receive special "checklists" with step-by-step actions for each block;
  8. You get answers to your questions;
  9. The curator's help is always in touch for recommendations, advice, and tips;
  10. Weekly analysis of your Food Diary and recommendations for improvement *

Available on any device


Bests experts

The course brings together the best experts to help you achieve maximum effect faster

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  • Gastroenterologist - nutritionist;
  • More than 25 years of experience;
  • She worked in the best private clinics;
  • Author of articles and books on dietetics;
  • Guest of many TV shows and articles.


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  • Leading seminars on herbalism and healing;
  • Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences;
  • She worked at the National University of Pharmacy;
  • Over 30 years of experience in the research and study of herbs.




  • Hair restoration expert
  • She was able to restore her hair after loss and complete discoloration
  • Helped over 1000 clients to stop hair loss and find healthy and well-groomed hair
  • She studied acupressure and Taoist practices in China.

Structure of the course

The course is divided into 19 blocks and lasts 3 months. Each block is important in its own way, and only a set of measures can help in the effective treatment of dermatitis. 


First Month
1. Analysis of your Situation
2. Protocol NU (Nutrition)
3. Skincare
4. Hormonal drugs and their consequences
5. Activation of the organism
6. Mental health


Second Month
7. Exercises to start the work of internal organs
8. How to recognize if you are doing everything right?
9. First week of lightness 
10. Cleansing the body
11. Fortification of the diet
12. Vitamins for skin health
13. Hair health


Third Month
14. Herbal medicine
15. Launching the Lymphatic System
16. Secong week of lightness 
17. Checking the diet
18. Expansion of the diet
19. Conclusion
Only natural remedies
(no hormonal creams and ointments)

What's next?

1. You choose a program and leave a request;


2. You pay for the program and receive confirmation;


3. Access to the program, a food diary and a photo report comes to your mail;


4. You start the program and your way to clean and healthy skin.

Food Diary & Photo Report

Keeping a food diary and photo report will allow you to analyze changes and record progress

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You will get:

Self confidence
Сlean skin
Getting rid of skin problems
Permanent access to the program
"Secret weapon" against dermatitis
Balanced diet

To Your Help

Keeping a diary
Step-by-step instruction
Answers on questions
Permanent access

The results

of the course:

7 329 YouTube Subscribers
Around 9000  followers on Instagram
598 294 Views on YouTube
More than 1000 people completed the program
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Feedback that is specially collected so that you can see specific results

Over 100 pages of reviews




Mini course


Duration: 2 weeks

+ Access to 11 reduced modules 

+ Practical work

+ Useful materials for lessons

+ Support Chat

+ Access to the platform for 2 weeks

+ Support of the curator on any questions


✅ 13 basic blocks

✅ 4 bonuses


✅ Access to private chat for questions

✅ Keeping a food diary

🎁 Access to the platform for 3 months


✅ All 19 blocks

✅ All 8 bonuses

🎁 Direct chat with the Curator and the ability to ask any questions

🎁 Weekly check of the Food Diary by the Curator , with recommendations

🎁 Access to the platform for 3 months


✅ All 19 blocks

✅ All 8 bonuses

🎁 Personal consultation, with an analysis of your situation and drawing up a plan for passing the program

🎁 Daily check of the Food Diary, with recommendations

🎁 Direct chat with personalized curator and the opportunity to ask any questions

🎁 Access to the platform for 6 months

Which plan to choose?

Mini Course

  • Only the initial stage of the manifestation of dermatitis;
  • There is no experience in the use of hormonal ointments and creams;
  • There are no violations in the work of the digestive organs;


  • For medium stages of dermatitis;
  • When dermatitis is longer than 3 months
  • Maybe steroids or other "medical" drugs have been used


  • For all stages of dermatitis;
  • For those who can implement the acquired knowledge themselves, and, with the help of the curator, improve the passage of the program


  • For those who need an individual approach
  • Who wants maximum results in minimum time


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Author of the program

Pavel Yastremskyi


+ I went through it myself

+ More than 10 years of research and testing

+ Author of the book "Treatment of Seborrheic Dermatitis. And Any Othe



22 y.o

An example of the fact that even after prolonged use of hormonal drugs and the strongest "withdrawal effect" - it is still possible to get on the right track and come to clear skin.

Treatment of seborrheic dermatitis in this case is exactly the same as for others. Since the technique helps everyone, of course, taking into account individual characteristics and adjusting specifically for a person.

Zhenya showed that decisiveness and discipline are much more effective than treatment with standard methods.

24 y.o

More than a year of treatment in private clinics, with all kinds of ointments, including hormonal ones, did not lead to any positive results, and for a young man a clean face is his future, opportunities, and goals. It is so important to feel confident in front of people.

Just one and a half months of Personal management and individual treatment of seborrheic dermatitis gave excellent results in the form of clear skin and invaluable knowledge of how to stay in this state. Bogdan very clearly followed all the conditions and advice and thus accelerated the treatment process. I am glad that working together brings a smile to my face.

To see my before and after photos - text me and I will send you personally!

14 22 y.o


When children are ill, this is the worst nightmare for parents who are ready for anything to make the child feel better. When adults are faced with dermatitis, it is easier for them to cope, when dermatitis is in a child, the consequences can be much worse.

Children are more susceptible to criticism, especially from peers who point their fingers and call bad words. And in this stressful situation, doctors, with their advice to use hormonal drugs, seem to be a salvation.

In fact, such actions only led to a worsening of the condition. With each passing month, the drugs worked worse and worse. Dandruff on the head worsened, and the skin behind the ears cracked and bled, which made it necessary to use different means more and more each time.

At some point, the parents realized that they could not continue this way and turned to me. Of course, not without a doubt, but with great hope.

Only a complete rejection of hormones, a gradual change in nutrition, and the addition of important healthy foods could give hope to both parents and the child. To go out to people again with confidence and calmness, without itching, dandruff, and redness. After all, we are social beings and communication is very important for us. Especially for children.

I am extremely glad that my program also effectively helps children and has led to the fact that the condition of the skin above the ears, on the head, and behind the ears has dramatically improved!

55 22 y.o


Roman had been eating "right" for a long time. He has been living in Greece for several years and can afford to eat food grown in the garden. Fresh apples, vegetable garden salad, constant access to delicious vegetables and fruits.

Since there is a rather warm climate, you can find something fresh all year round, and now, having been on such a diet for a long time, when everything else in the body has improved coordinate, there was one big problem, for some reason dandruff did not go away. And it was not just fine dandruff, but a crust, several millimeters thick, which was simply constantly present on the head. There was some mistake in proper nutrition.

As an adult, experienced in health issues, a man, Roman turned to me for advice, as he liked the systematic nature of my thoughts and approach. After a little chat, he agreed that he would like to find the problem with my help, and we started the program.


Literally, a week later, we not only found a mistake and corrected it, in such a vigorous, though not young body - there were instant changes. We found several products that led to this condition, removed them, introduced special exercises for the internal organs and set up proper skin care.


Video Reviews



















Complete return!

Stop wasting money on tests!
Save on ointments and creams!
Stop paying doctors for something that doesn't work!

Make a dicision now

The longer the illness lasts, the more it gets worse. With each day of using steroids, the body becomes even weaker in order to function normally. Every day of inactivity leads to a worsening of the condition. Make up your mind today! Stop glossing over the redness and trying to make sure no one notices. Take the first step towards clear skin.

You need to decide on a consultation. Click on the "Consultation" button, fill in all the fields and I will contact you!


100% Guarantee

Full return

If, at the end of the course, following all the instructions, there is no improvement in the condition!

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